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SAP FICO Online Training and Placement Assistance at
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Posted By: steven789  
Address: 535, Kiely Blvd San jose CA-95117, San Jose, 535, Kiely Blvd San jose CA-95117 95117  
ONLINEITGURU is one of the leading top IT Training and Consulting Company in US, with a good placement track record. We have certified trainers. We will provide Online Training, Fast Track online training, with job assistance Courses : SAP Technologies,Dataware housing Tools , OralceTechnologies,SAS,JAVA,.NET,BA .. etc. ATTEND THE FIRST SESSION CLASSES ON EVERY TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY Tuesday – SAP BO Wednesday – SAP BPC-7.5, 10.0 Thursday – SAP HANA 1.x & SAP BI For additional assistance, including course details, batch scheduling information, technology selection for your career. You may Contact to below Address: Onlineitguru. USA: + 1-732-703-9066 E-mail ID: INFO@ONLINEITGURU.COM Visit: http://www.ONLINEITGURU.COM/

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